“Strong, very strong work”
Picasso about Christeas’ art, Paris 1967.
I’ve always been fascinated by writers and poets, as their work transcends the confines of their book’s cover, carrying readers through every page until the end. Their stories invite us to participate, rather than merely observe. In contrast, a painting often feels like a book’s cover, and many viewers struggle to venture beyond that surface. Art critics and experts make attempts to decipher the hidden meanings between each brushstroke, yet their interpretations seldom align. The average viewer remains fixated on the surface, trapped in a mindset of “What you see is what you get.”

My new artwork resembles a narrative that unfolds gradually, revealing new elements as the light of day shifts and new colors emerge. As the viewer, you’re invited to peer beyond the initial impression, discovering the evolving emotions that the colors evoke.

My artistic journey commenced at the age of 5 when I first started drawing. At 15, I discovered my palette of colors, and by 21, I relinquished the idea of solely controlling the canvas. It was then that I embraced and harnessed the energies that enveloped me. My creations embody a symbiotic relationship between these energies, my life’s experiences, and my very soul. Whenever I paint, I’m never truly alone; I’m accompanied by these forces. Abstract art, in my eyes, mirrors the spectrum of human emotions, Abstract art is the picture of human emotions, through my latest creations, I invite you to join me on this profound journey.