Modern Paintings for Sale

Modern Paintings for Sale

Modern Paintings Inspired by the New York City Waterfront

Modern Paintings for Sale by Christeas draw inspiration from the New York City Waterfront and celebrate the relentless human spirit. This spirit envisions the possible and the unimaginable, working daily towards a brighter world.

During his week-long ferry journeys to New York City, Christeas marveled at both nature’s beauty and human creativity. The vibrant colors of the sea and sky reflected on the glass facades of towering structures, creating a symphony of colors that formed natural modern paintings. This captivating interplay, evolving with the passing hours, cast an enchanting spell, making daydreaming the perfect state of mind as the vessel glided through the harbor. This fantastic display of dynamic forms and colors created a memory the artist revisited to create his paintings of the waterfront series.

Modern Paintings for Sale Straight from the Artist

Gregory Christeas captures the images created by nature reflected on the giant structures of the NYC waterfront. Each artwork tells a unique story and is perfect for making a grand statement in any space. Explore Gregory Christeas’s stunning paintings today and bring a piece of his inspiring vision into your home. Visit our gallery or browse online to find the perfect artwork that speaks to you.