Modern Paintings Red on The Wall

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Details of Modern Paintings Red on The Wall
  • 27″x39″x01.1/4″ Industrial Oils on canvas.
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Modern Paintings Red on The Wall was part of the artist’s show at the Cultural Olympiad Athens 2004.
Original Modern Paintings Industrial Oils on Canvas. $5,600.00 Price reduced.

Modern Paintings Red on The Wall is a striking composition from my NYC Waterfront Series. This Modern Painting masterpiece is a testament to the boundless human spirit, mirroring the constant pursuit of innovation and a brighter future in the city that never sleeps.

Inspired by the vivid palette of nature seamlessly blending with the iconic structures along the waterfront, Modern Painting Red on the Wall is a visual symphony that captures the essence of daily life in this metropolis. The painting reflects the dynamic harmony between urban landscapes and the natural world, creating an ever-evolving dance of colors.

To share this unique experience, I am excited to offer a special sale on select Modern Paintings, including “Red on the Wall.” This exclusive opportunity allows you to own a piece of this inspired collection at reduced prices.

Seize the moment, become a part of the magic, and invite the spirit of New York City into your home. Acquire “Red on the Wall” and let its vibrant hues and dynamic energy breathe life into your surroundings, echoing the relentless spirit of this extraordinary city. Please feel free to get in touch.”