Abstract Painting – 1/4

Abstract Painting 1/4

Abstract Painting 1/4 was part of the artist’s show at the Cultural Olympiad Athens 2004.

Abstract Painting 1/4
Abstract Painting 1/4 –

Original Painting Industrial Oils on Canvas. – $5,600.00 Price Reduced

Abstract Painting 1/4. Is a captivating work of art inspired by the NYC waterfront. This piece invites you to explore the artist’s unique interpretation of the blending of natural beauty and urban architecture. Through abstract art, the scene comes to life with emotions, impressions, and reflections rather than a strict representation of reality. The generous canvas size of 100×70 cm (27.1/2″ x 39.1/2″) provides ample space for the artist to convey their creative vision.
If you have any questions about this artwork or wish to delve deeper into its artistic elements or my background as the artist, please don’t hesitate to connect.

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