Abstract Painting Red

Abstract Painting Red

Abstract Painting Red was part of the artist’s show at the Cultural Olympiad Athens 2004.

Original Painting Industrial Oils on Canvas. $5,600.00 Price reduced.

Abstract Painting Red
Abstract Painting Red – 100×70 cm

Introducing “Abstract Painting Red” a captivating creation born from the enchantment of the city’s waterfront. This artwork is a harmonious blend of the natural beauty that surrounds the locale and the intricate geometry of urban architecture. It transcends the boundaries of conventional representation, offering a profound experience of abstract art.

In this masterpiece, the artist has skillfully woven a complex tapestry of emotions, impressions, and introspective reflections. It serves as a testament to the inexhaustible well of inspiration drawn from the vibrant New York City waterfront. With its generous canvas size of 100×70 cm (27.1/2″ x 39.1/2″), this piece provides an expansive platform for the artist to express their creative vision in intricate detail.

Every stroke of the brush, every shade of red, tells a story of the waterfront’s allure and its profound impact on the artist’s soul. The abstract nature of the artwork invites viewers to embark on their own journey of interpretation, delving into the depths of their emotions and perceptions.

If you have any inquiries regarding this artwork, if you seek a deeper understanding of its artistic elements, or if you wish to learn more about my background as the artist,  Your curiosity and appreciation of art are deeply valued, and I am here to provide you with insights and information to enhance your connection with this extraordinary piece, please don’t hesitate to connect.”

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