Art Print: King Kong

Art Print King Kong


  • Dimensions: 12″x18″ (inches)
  • Abstract Art Print Limited Edition of 50
  • Each print is signed and numbered by me.
  • Price Reduced: Now $250.00.

“This art note holds a special place among my favorites in the entire ‘Up the Moon’ series. During a visit to Manhattan to meet my friend Agamemnon for one of our profound and philosophical discussions, New York City took center stage in our conversation that night. When I awoke the next morning, this vision flowed onto the paper – King Kong, clad in army boots, plowing through the city, with the Marshmallow Man from the movie Ghost-busters hovering above him. My deep affection for these films and for New York City itself is the driving force behind this art note, which I consider my tribute to them.”

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Artist Christeas’ creating process

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