Hydra Print Clock Tower

Hydra Print Clock Tower – Printed on acid free paper and Hand Signed by the Artist.

  • 11.5″H x 8″WPrice $60

“Hydra, a cherished muse, sculpted my early artistry. As a young artist, I found my creative spirit ignited by this enchanting Greek island. The 1960s, a decade of profound self-discovery and artistic awakening, forged an unbreakable bond between me and Hydra. Its harmonious blend of natural wonders, rich culture, and tranquil atmosphere became the wellspring of my inspiration. I invite you to explore my Hydra Prints collection from that transformative era. Each print encapsulates the island’s essence, radiating its rugged landscapes, pristine waters, and charming architecture. These pieces are a timeless testament to Hydra’s lasting influence on my art. Discover and own a piece of this legacy.”

Hydra Print Clock Tower
Hydra Print Clock Tower


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