NYC Waterfront Series
NYC Waterfront Series

Within the realm of my abstract masterpiece collection, the “New York City Waterfront Series,” I celebrate the relentless human spirit—a spirit that envisions the possible and the unimaginable daily, tirelessly working towards a brighter world.

During my week-long journeys on the ferryboat to New York City, I marveled not only at nature’s beauty but also at human creativity: the mesmerizing New York City waterfront. Nature’s vibrant hues elegantly intertwined with the towering structures, creating a symphony of colors that danced across both the urban landscape and the natural world. This captivating interplay, evolving with the passing hours, cast a spell so enchanting that daydreaming became the only fitting state of mind as the vessel glided through the harbor each day.

As a token of my appreciation and to commemorate this extraordinary journey, I am thrilled to announce a special sale of select artworks from the “New York City Waterfront Series.” For the first time ever, you have the exclusive opportunity to own a piece of this inspired collection at reduced prices.

Seize the moment, and be a part of this special sale. Own a piece of the “New York City Waterfront Series” and experience the relentless spirit of this remarkable city in every brushstroke. Dare to dream, dare to aspire, and dare to create a better world through art.


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