Abstract 3D Art – Biker’s Gate an Amazing Wall Sculpture

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Details of Abstract 3D Art Biker’s Gate.

  •  35″H x 47″W x 3.1/4″D Acrylics on fiberglass.
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Abstract 3D Art – Biker’s Gate was part of my art show at the Cultural Olympiad Athens 2004.

Abstract 3D Art Biker’s Gate: the main form of this artwork resembles a bike’s gas tank, complete with a red and yellow headlight on the left side. At the top, you’ll find a distinctive filler cap. Numerous elements have been carefully crafted, and when you take the time to observe them, they will transport you through the world of motorcycles. The central feature of this painted composition is an arched gate adorned with inviting steps that beckon you into a realm limited only by your imagination. So, embark on this artistic journey and let your mind roam freely. Happy trails.

Abstract 3D Art Biker’s Gate wall sculpture
  • Hand-formed fiberglass on plywood. Created using artist-quality acrylics and clear-coated for a polished finish