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Art Prints – “Abstract Artist Christeas’ Up the Moon Notes, Limited Edition Art Prints, shown here, are Art Printstransformation instruments in the quest toward a higher self . All art prints simmer with color and bespeak of positive change. They burst with freedom, and inspire hope in those who face them honestly and curiously. Each print a tour de force unto itself, these limited edition art prints are the first introduction ever of Christeas’ art work in print.”

Sharon Seitz, Home News – NJ USA.

Up the Moon – “Lovely Day” is Sold Out 50x70cm LTD art print (50)  

↓ Available Abstract Prints limited editions. ↓

Abstract Print China Town

Art Print This is It

Art Print Under the Sea

Art Print Teddy Bears

Art Print Vagabond

Art Print King Kong

“A recurring nightmare served as the inspiration for my three-dimensional art series, ‘Up the Moon.’ This nightmare was a relentless pursuit by a group of bizarre creatures in a dark, foreboding field. Night after night, they relentlessly chased me, capturing me, and gruesomely dismembering me. Strangely, it felt as though this horrifying cycle had persisted for over 20 years, even though the nightmare itself had only spanned a month.

Frustration and anger brewed within me towards these malevolent entities, and each night I attempted to alter the nightmarish outcome without success. Then, after several weeks of this terror and gore, Achilles came to my rescue. He entrusted me with his shield and uttered a simple word: ‘UP.’

The following night, as the grotesque creatures closed in, I reached the edge of the field where nothing but dark space stretched beyond. Armed with Achilles’ shield, I leaped into the void. Using the shield’s edge, I sculpted shapes out of the darkness, connecting them to form a stairway to the moon.

The creatures, bound to Earth and nourished by the foolishness that existed only there, could not follow me. The higher I ascended, the more I realized that they thrived on the terrestrial absurdities. In ‘Up the Moon,’ I found refuge, where I encountered all my heroes who, like me, had been relentlessly pursued by these very creatures.

Every day, following the nightmarish ordeal, I documented the forms and creatures from my dreams in my art notes. These notes later served as the foundation for the creation of the abstract wall sculpture ‘Up the Moon.’ The ‘Up the Moon’ Abstract Art Limited Edition Prints offered above are a reflection of these notes.”



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